Periodic Maintenance and Controls

Related with your vehicle,it had better to make following maintenances.

Your vehicle should be controlled periodicly.This will be better for the health of your car. In the long term, if regularly you don't get its maintenance,depreciation and disorders may occur in its components and system. For sure,malfunctions are serious threat in terms of  safety driving.In case of make periodic maintenance, you will have lots of advantages as followings:

  • Uninterrupted and safety driving; while turning the car key or going on the way, You won't have any concerns such as 'Will my car work?' or 'Do I stay on track?'
  • Less costly;The unexpected and inevitable costs get never bored you.
  • Higher second hand value;Your well-groomed car easily find the buyer,it is possible to sell them from higher price.

Naturally,you may want to made your car by an alternative service which has higher quality with less costly and used original parts.In Ercanlar Automotive,Bosch Car Service experienced staff will give support in repairs and maintenance of your car.Our services can reach to many detailed information about your car.With the Bosch Car Service testing and service devices,they reach all of information about your car's electronic systems and technical measurement.Given optimal service easily in maintenance of your car with Bosch Car Service.In that process,we stay connected to your every kind of original vehicle information and control values. 

Repair of Body, Paint and Chassis

In Ercanlar Automotive,made repairs of body,paint and chassis of your car,not for losing its value, using the latest equipment with principle of the originality by experienced hands. 

Body,montaging with robot system sensitive measuring instruments as stay loyal to its original values. Imposing aluminium solder,the latest technology argon-arc welding,point puller system,vacuum correction system.Thus,we provide to you take your car in its factory defaults.

Using water-based paint in painting operations.Water-based paint is used in factory defaults.It is prepared according to paint code with paint mix devices.It is painted in Wolf brand ovens.Using custom-engineered binder.Efruj system provides much quicker drying process.This minimizes the scheduled shipping date.In Ercanlar Automotive,using 3m auto paint protection products.    

Seasonal Vehicle Controls

Consistently being homogeneous and reliable of your vehicle in the way is crucial for Ercanlar Automotive.So,Bosch Car Service prepares your vehicle to summer season  starting from vacation period and prepares your vehicle to cold and difficult conditions.Our aim is to provide that all functions of your vehicle properly work under the both cold and hot conditions.

Advantages of making periodicly maintenance and control in return for profitable cost:

  • Especially in the winter period,you may get rid of problem of late working.
  • Your vehicle  does not make faults on the road because of the unexpected reasons.
  • Since providing technical safety of your vehicle,accident risk minimize.

Periodic Oil Change

When you make motor oil done routine control,this will extend its life.In case of absence of enough oil,moving parts will face with run-out problem.Also when you come to Ercanlar Automotive regularly to change engine oil control,you make it done the guarantee that Bosch Car Service.

In our service,your car keep continuing its same performance after the oil and new filter change.Also,we care environmental cleanliness while changing process.

Giving information about engine oil change intervals by our service experts.In Ercanlar Automotive,related with engine oil,using engine oil brands known by all international and national vehicle users.

Lighting Control Systems

Headlamp alignment may collapse because of shake arising from road disorders or burden may effect your headlamp situation.Correct lighting is important not only safe drive but also important for protection of electrical system.

Headlamp alignment is only made my electronic test devices in rising generation vehicles and lighting system should be tested periodicly.

Making headlamp  alignment in Ercanlar Automotive with using Bosch headlamp alignment test devices.After you make headlamp alignment,you will have better visibility and safe drive.Likewise,in addition to headlamps,turn signal lights,fog lamps,instrument panel illumination and interior illumination subsystem should also be tested periodicly.Especially before long-distance and naturally in terms of night safe drive,you should take your lighting system with quality of Bosch Car Service and Ercanlar Automotive.

Exhaust Emission Measurement

Ercanlar Automotive has “Exhaust Emission Measurement Certificate of Authority”. Therefore,you have to make exhaust emission measurement periodicly.You made it in Ercanlar in safe.

Exhaust emission measurement made cyclicly by vehicle inspection stations;approval liner,which is legally prerequisite, will be given. 

Truest way to get the highest performance in a vehicle is ideal air-fuel mixture. In case of poor or rich from this mixture; loss of power, fuel consumption, environmental pollution may occur.Exhaust emission measurement finds easily whether injection system components work or not,faults and setting troubles are detected and found solution. 


Testing security systems of your car very detailed and profitable cost with Bosch Car Service testing devices and getting a diagnosis.In diagnosis step,our main aim is much more mobility and security for your car. 

Automatic Transmission of Repair and Maintenance

Ercanlar Automotive, giving full automatic transmission service.In our automatic transmission service,for your car which is examined by our expert staff, your new automatic transmission needs,automatic transmission repairs,automatic transmission maintenance and revise procedures made by the guarantee that Bosch Car Service.